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Acid Cigars by Drew Estate

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Acid Cigars by Drew Estate are infused cigars that vary from mild to medium-full bodied infused cigars manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua. Acid Cigars by Drew Estate use aged Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos & infuse them with natural oils & botanicals then roll each style in a unique wrapper ranging from Connecticut Shade, Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro to a tasty Sumatra wrapper on the Kuba Kuba each providing a smooth burn & mellow finish. Acid Cigars by Drew Estate are one of the most consistently well rolled flavorful infused cigar smoking experience with sweet and spicy notes of rich smooth flavors!

  • Blondie Corona (4×38) $230.40/Box 40 | 5-Pk $29.75
  • Blondie Maduro Corona (4×38) $198/Box 40
  • Kuba Kuba Robusto (5×50) $236.50/Bx 24 | 5-Pk $50.90
  • Kuba Kuba Maduro Robusto (5×50) $236.50/Bx 24
  • Blondie Belicoso (5×54) $214.90/Box 24 | 5-Pk $46.25
  • Plush Robusto (5.5×50) $234.35/Box24 | 5-Pk $50.45
Cigar Brands Acid Cigars
Cigar Origin Nicaraguan Cigars
Cigar Strength Mild-Medium, Medium-Full
Cigar Wrapper Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, Connecticut Shade, Sumatra
Acid by Drew Estate Style Blondie (4×38), Blondie Maduro (4×38), Kuba Kuba (5×50), Kuba Kuba Maduro (5×50), Blondie Belicoso (5×54), Plush (5.5×50)
Pack Size 1 Cigar, 5 Cigars, Box
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ACID Cigars by Drew Estate are very popular & uniquely handmade infused style cigars manufactured in Nicaragua.  They are made by taking the whole tobacco leaves and blending the Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos with over 150 essential & natural oils, botanicals & spices. Each cigars secret receipt is carefully infused into each blend which creates these uniquely tasty cigars that have become some of the most popular cigars in the country. ACID Cigars by Drew Estate have the ability to appeal to a wide range of cigar enthusiasts from a cigar aficionado to a beginner cigar smoker, these well crafted infused cigars are sure to have a blend that can appeal to almost every palate.

2 reviews for Acid Cigars by Drew Estate

  1. Cowboys734

    I’m not a fan of sweet cigars and it wasn’t for my pallet. I tried it one time and I’ll pass

  2. Cherie Paluck

    It is a one of its kind. Like nothing else.

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