Alec Bradley Post Embargo

The Alec Bradley Post Embargo cigars were created to pay homage to the Cuban and American history including the trade embargo and how desperately people try to get a Cuban cigar. Alec Bradley Post Embargo is a tribute to the past and looks toward the future of brighter and better days, by creating a blend of long-leaf Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco filler and a fine Honduran wrap. The result is a rich medium-full bodied cigar that offers notes of coffee, nuts, spices and has a sweet creamy finish.

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Brand Alec Bradley
Orgin Nicaragua
Cigar Strength Medium-Full
Wrapper Honduran
Post Embargo Style & Size Robusto (5×52), Toro (6.2×54), Gordo (6×60)
Pack Size 1 Cigar, 5 Cigars, Box of 20
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Alec Bradley Post Embargo cigars were created to remember the history of embargo bans specifically the past relationship between the United States and Cuba. Alec Bradley built this new cigar brand as symbol of the hopeful day when the trade embargo between Cuba and America is lifted and relationship are normalized again.

The Alec Bradley Post Embargo is a medium-full strengthed cigar that features long-leaf fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua and premium Honduran wrapper. These medium-full bodied cigars offer flavors of coffee, nuts, spices and have a sweet creamy and earthy aroma finish. These new cigars are quickly gaining popularity and are flying off the shelves, so take advantage of when they are available and try some of the new Alec Bradley Post Embargo cigars.

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