AVO Brand Cigar Sampler

Enjoy the best of AVO Cigars in our AVO Brand Cigar Sampler. This sampler includes the newest AVO Syncro South American RITMO, as well as cigars from the other two Syncro lines. Indulge in the AVO XO line noted as the “best of the best” from the AVO Factory. Get all of these premium cigars at OVER 25% OFF!

  • AVO Brand Cigar Sampler includes:
  • AVO XO Maestoso (7×48)
  • AVO Classic No.2 Toro (6×50)
  • AVO Syncro Nicaragua Toro (6×54)
  • AVO Domaine 70 Toro (6×54)
  • AVO Heritage Toro (6×50)
  • AVO Syncro III RITMO Robusto (5×50)
  • AVO Syncro Fogata Short Torpedo (4.5×52)

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Cigar Brands AVO Cigars
Cigar Origin Nicaraguan Cigars
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AVO Brand Cigar Sampler

AVO XO Cigars are carefully hand crafted with a blend of perfectly fermented Dominican long-fillers and a mild Ecuadorian leaf, then finished off with a beautiful Connecticut Shade wrapper. The AVO XO Cigars are medium to full bodied with notes of tobacco, earthy cedar, and sweet molasses.

AVO Classic are mild-medium flavor bodied cigars made in the Dominican Republic. They are hand rolled using a refined Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper that has made the AVO Classics an iconic brand.

AVO Syncro Nicaragua is medium-full bodied cigar hand rolled with a Dominican Cuban-seed binder, long-leaf fillers from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua & Peru all wrapped inside a dark, oily Ecuadorian Connecticut tobacco leaf.

AVO Heritage cigars are a medium-full bodied blend that was created to pay its respects to the rollers, blenders, and farmers that helped make AVO Cigars one of the most premium brands in the industry. The AVO Heritage cigars use the finest Cuban-seed, Ecuadorian Sun-Grown wrapper, with robust blend of Cuban-seed Dominican long-filler.

AVO Syncro South America Ritmo uses a sweet & spicy Mexican binder, rich fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, Dominican Republic & Brazil that are encased in an oily Ecuadorian wrapper. AVO Syncro III South America Ritmo are complex cigars starting with a bold blast of pepper that gives way to flavorful notes of cocoa, roasted peanuts & black coffee with a creamy sweet finish.

AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata is a medium to full bodied cigar, filled with both Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos, bound by San Andres Mexican tobacco, all wrapped together with a matured and flavorful Ecuadorian Habano 2000 wrapper. The AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata has flavor profile of earth tones, leather, and coffee with notes of sweet spice.

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