Baccarat Cigars have become one of the top selling cigars at many tobacco shops across the country, known for having quality tobacco that is rolled well and available at a great price. Baccarat “The Game” Cigars come in two types of cigars: a Honduran grown Connecticut wrapped sweet tipped natural cigar & a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapped cigar. Each type of Baccarat cigar is made in Honduras they are mild bodied in strength and provide a smooth finish and have a great price point.

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Cigar Brands Baccarat Cigars
Cigar Origin Honduran Cigars
Cigar Strength Mild
Baccarat Churchill (7×52), Rothschild (5×50)
Cigar Wrapper Natural, Maduro
Pack Size 1 Cigar, 5 Cigars, Box of 25
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Baccarat Cigars are hand rolled cigars that are quickly taking over ‘The Game’ of value premium cigars across the country. Baccarat ‘The Game’ Cigars are becoming one of the top selling cigar brands at many tobacconist and cigar shops in the U.S. They are known for being well made smooth enjoyable premium cigars at a discount cigar price.

Baccarat Cigars, also referred to as Baccarat ‘The Game’ cigars, offer two types of popular cigars for cigar enthusiasts to enjoy. They use high quality aged Cuban-seed Honduran tobacco fillers that are rolled inside a Honduran grown Connecticut leaf wrapper that is topped with a sweet tip as the Baccarat natural cigar. They also offer a Maduro version that encases the aged Cuban-seed Honduran tobacco fillers in a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper that provides a sweeter bold finish. Baccarat cigars are excellent selections for quality and price when searching for a mild bodied premium cigar great for everyday enjoyment.

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