CAO Orellana

The CAO Orellana is a prequel to the Amazon trilogy.  These cigars are hand rolled in Nicaragua, using Brazilian Braganca, Brazilian Fume em Corda, Colombian, and Dominican aged tobaccos as long leaf filler, bounded with a Nicaraguan leaf, then wrapped using a dark Brazilian Cubra leaf.  The CAO Orellana is a full bodied cigar featuring notes of sweet spice, toasted almonds, and hints of molasses.

  • CAO Orellana: Box of 20
  • Toro (6×50) $196.99/Bx | 5-Pk $51 | $10.99
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Cigar Brands CAO Cigars
Cigar Origin Nicaraguan Cigars
Cigar Strength Medium-Full
Cigar Wrapper Brazilian Cubra
Pack Size Box of 20, 5 Cigars, 1 Cigar
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CAO Orellana

Reviews (1)

  1. CAO Orellana
    * Wrapper: Brazilian Cubra
    * Binder: Nicaragua
    * Filler: Colombia | Dominican Republic | Brazil (Bragança | Fuma em Corda)
    * Factory: STG Estelí (Nicaragua)
    * Production: Limited Edition
    * Packaging: 20-ct boxes
    * Vitola: 6″ × 52 (Toro)

    Has a rugged fell and look with the wrapper and the banding barber poled al the way down. Very dark modeled looking wrapper, easy cold draw that seems to be right on the money. Very fruity taste on the draw a cross between cherries and chocolates.

    First Third
    Has great body to the taste. Hard to describe, as it has full body, yet leave the palette covered with lite chocolate feel after eating a good dark chocolate bar. Right starting of with the right stuff. Leaving me with this wow it is great cigar. The ash is a bit flakey, but the burn is prefect.

    Second Third
    Still carrying thru with the same flavor profile. Sometimes is is nice when a good cigar flavor does change much as it is really enjoyable. Starting to pick up some wood and a bit of spice in the mix.

    Last Third
    Very good all the way to the end.

    Final Thoughts
    Very good, I have one box and considering purchasing a second box.

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