Celebration 10 Cigar Set
Celebration 11 Cigar Sampler

Celebratory Top Rare Cigar Sampler


Celebratory Top Rare Sampler 

Include the Rarest, Highest Rated, Top Shelf & Luxury Premium Cigars that we Personally Recommend for those Very Special Occasion! Ultra-Premiums that would be a perfect choice to toast up during those wonderful life moments we all Love to Remember & Cherish! We have DISCOUNTED these Top Shelf Cigars up to Over 22% OFF, Enjoy Prices on these Cigars that are lower than even purchasing a Box of each Blend, with a special chance to get the hard to find Rocky Patel Special Edition Cigars.

  • 10 Cigar Sampler only $114.99 (SRP $146.80)
  • Oliva V Melanio Maduro Torpedo (6.5×52)
    Arturo Fuente Casa Cuba Doble Cinco (5×50)
    Liga Privada T52 Stalk-Cut Corona Vivia (6×46)
    My Father Flor de Las Antillas Toro (6×52)
    Padron 1964 Anniversary Imperial Maduro (6×54)
    Padron 1926 TAA No.47 Natural (5.5×50)
    Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario D. Robusto (5.25×50)
    Liga Privada No.9 Corona Viva (6×46)
    Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto (5×52)
    Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story (4×49)
  • Rare 11 Cigar Sampler only $122.70 (SRP $158.30)
  • *Add RP Gran Reserve Toro only $8.71 (SRP $11.50) 
Celebration Cigar Sampler 10 Cigar Set, 11 Cigar Set
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Celebratory Top Rare Cigar Sampler

Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario 94-rated #5 Cigar of the Year, limited edition cigars, released 2006 as the 30th Anniversary Don Carlos premium cigars created as a tribute by Carlos Fuente Jr. for his father, patriarch of the Fuente family, Carlos Fuente Sr. Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario are aged an extra two years after rolled bringing out the fullest taste for a full body complex cigar experience of earthy notes with leather, cream, spice, wood & a sweet finish from the special edition blend of being wrapped in the same Dominican Shade Grown leaf as the Fuente OpusX. 
Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story 91 rated rare Fuente limited release blend of the Arturo Fuente Hemingway perfecto shape cigars that are all aged longer in cedar lined rooms after rolled & is wrapped in a lush grade ‘A’ African Cameroon wrapper!
Arturo Fuente Casa Cuba With similar flavors to the Fuente Opus X, but with the Ecuadorian Habano leaf it is a mellower medium bodied cigar. Casa Cuba cigars are a must try for cigar connoisseurs as it’s unique blend delivers delicious flavors of cedar, creamy leather notes with a sweet & spicy hint of cinnamon finish
Padron 1926 TAA No.47 Natural are a special release blend of the Padron 1926 Series released only to the Tobacco Association of America members, this blend uses extra fine aged Nicaraguan long-filler & binder tobaccos encased in a 8+ year aged Nicaraguan Sun Grown leaf wrapper for high complex medium to full body premium Padron cigar absolutely loaded with flavors in rich plentiful clouds of smoke filled with notes of cocoa, pepper, sweet cream, leather & coffee. Highly Recommended by the Padron Family as a must try top shelf cigar blend whose flavor profile is tasting incredible the 2017 year.
Padron 1964 Anniversary Imperial Maduro 94-rated hand rolled with 4+ year aged Nicaraguan fine tobaccos & wrapped in a rich oily Nicaraguan Maduro leaf wrapper offering cigar aficionados a bolder full body smooth cigar boasting rich notes of chocolate, coffee beans, wood, cocoa, caramel notes & balanced spices.
Liga Privada No.9 94-rated, limited production luxury-cigar by Drew Estate hand rolled in Nicaragua with Honduran and Cuban-seed Nicaraguan grown long-filler, a Brazilian Mata Fina binder & premium dark Connecticut Broadleaf #1 Dark leaf wrapper for a rich flawlessly constructed complex smooth full body premium cigar with rich silky notes of coffee, espresso, earthy undertones, balanced pepper & a smooth sweet finish.
Liga Privada T52 92-rated, limited production luxury-cigar by Drew Estate hand rolled in Nicaragua with Honduran & Cuban seed Nicaraguan grown long-filler, the Brazilian binder & a one of a kind American Connecticut Sungrown Habano Stalk-Cut leaf wrapper. Providing an oily sheen wrapper loaded with earth flavors, black pepper, deep rich flavors that happen to be Drew Estate’s presidents personal favorite.
Oliva Serie V Melanio Natural Robusto 94-rated, #8 Cigar of Year, a long-leaf ligero filler blend of Nicaraguan Habano combined with a Nicaraguan binder & a rich Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf wrapper for rich full bodied creamy notes of coffee, chocolate, balanced peppers, warm wood & leathery aroma with hints of sweet caramel finish.
Oliva V Melanio Madruro Torpedo a luxury full-bodied Nicaraguan cigar hand rolled with the Nicaraguan Habano long-leaf fillers, binders & encased in a dark Mexican San Anderes Maduro wrapper, these beautifully box-pressed gems provide deep rich lush toasty clouds filled with warm notes of coffee, rich chocolate, cocoa, spices with a sweet long finish.
My Father Flor de Las Antillas Toro 96-rated, #1 Cigar of the Year, hand crafted by Don ‘Pepin’ Garcia at the My Father Cigar factory with an all-Nicaraguan blend of tobaccos that are encased in a tasty Nicaraguan Sungrown Habano leaf wrapper for an extremely balanced smooth medium to full body smoking experience!
Rocky Patel Gran Reserve Toro Rocky Patel Grand Reserve was named the 2018 Cigar Of The Year by European Cigar Journal. Offering complexity and balance starting with notes of chocolate, coffee, spice and leather, followed by an earthy finish with undertones of dried fruit and pepper.