Exact Pipe Tobacco has exactly what every smoker is looking for: flavor, consistency and value. Giving smokers the option to save money while not having to sacrifice the quality of their smoke. Try Exact Pipe Tobacco in 1lb & 5lb re-sealable bags available in Original, Smooth & Menthol blends to see exactly what you’ve been missing.

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Orgin U.S.A
Brand Exact
Pack Size 16oz Bag, 5Lb Bag
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Exact Pipe Tobacco offers pipe smokers a consistent non-aromatic medium ribbon cut line of pipe tobacco ranging from a rich full bodied Original blend, to a mild-mellow Smooth blend and a robust minty Menthol blend. Exact Pipe Tobacco is made using precise blends of smooth Flue Cured Virginia tobacco leafs, toasted Burley & sweetened Oriental tobacco that is grown in Turkey. The Original blend features more double toasted Burley with notes of cocoa for a rich pleasurable experience. The Smooth blend features less Burley and has a smooth sweet Virginia flue-cured flavor & the Menthol blend offers menthol lovers a medium-full bodied blend of pipe tobacco with a fresh menthol leaf finish.

Reviews (1)

  1. This is a clean, properly moistened tobacco. It is a medium ribbon cut, and debris free. It’s exactly what you would expect upon opening the bag. Most other Brands at this price point are IMO, just dead trees with the tree bark cut off with a chain saw and run through a Food Processor LOL.. That said, I’m not sure of the tobacco blend, however, it smokes well straight up, and also makes a good base for blending. I blend it as an 80/20 mix. I blend 80% Exact (Red) with 20% D & R Ramback Regular (Turkish). For my taste, it provides me an all day smooth, satisfying smoke. BTW, I might add, I use it for stuffing Filter Cig. Tubes (FF) and it stuffs well in my Powermatic I*.
    Just my $.02.


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