Kristoff Bold Spice Sampler

If your looking to try some of the Full Flavor cigars that Kristoff has to offer then look no further. Each one of these Premium Cigars was pick for its hearty and full bodied smoke.  Plus it comes in a humid-a-bag its own personal humidor.

Kristoff Bold Spice Sampler Includes:

  • Kristoff Corojo Limitada (5.5×54)
  • Kristoff Sumatra (5.5×54)
  • Kristoff Ligero (5.5×54)
  • Kristoff Habano (5.5×54)

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Cigar Brands Kristoff Cigars
Cigar Strength Medium-Full

Kristoff Bold Spice Sampler

Kristoff Corojo Limitada cigars are known for being a high quality cigar and when smoked all those superb rankings are quickly validated. Kristoff Corojo Limitada cigars are loaded with flavor from toasted nuts, nutmeg and the sweet & spicy finish derived from the rare Corojo Habano wrapper. It is because all this flavor and excellent craftsmanship that is put into making the Kristoff Corojo Limitada that they are so highly regarded & sought after.

Kristoff Sumatra cigars are very popular medium to full bodied cigars that have a dedicated following of cigar enthusiasts. Kristoff Sumatra cigars are hand rolled in the Dominican Republic using a unique combination of tobaccos that has created a traditional Cuban flavored cigar with a remarkable flavor profile.  There is a well-balanced taste throughout these smooth evenly burning cigars, which is a clear indication of the excellent craftsmanship gone into rolling these premium cigars.

Kristoff Ligero Criollo is a stronger fuller bodied cigar than the original Kristoff Criollo. The Ligero Criollo is a medium to full bodied cigar that offers double the amount of Ligero tobacco in the filler and uses a Cuban seeded Honduran filler as opposed to the Nicaraguan filler found in the original Criollo. Wrapped in a Cuban seeded Honduran Criollo leaf this cigar is rolled with 100% Cuban seed tobacco and provides that stronger deeper smoke that a fuller cigar enthusiast prefers.

Kristoff Habano is a medium-full in strength that is masterfully crafted and uniquely blended with Nicaraguan and Dominican Habano tobacco.  That delivers notes of spice, sweet pecan, white pepper, and cedar with a long sweet yet spicy finish.

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