Kristoff Ligero Criollo


Kristoff Ligero Criollo are medium to full bodied Dominican cigars rolled using a Dominican & Honduran tobacco filler encased in a Honduran Criollo tobacco leaf wrapper. Rolled with a Kristoff signature pigtail cap, a quick flip of the foot and the cigar is uncapped, uncut and ready to light and enjoy. The cigars smooth draw will send thick clouds of smoke billowing out from this 100% Cuban seed tobacco cigar & you will enjoy hints of cedar, spices, toasted nuts and caramel on your palate!

  • Kristoff Ligero Criollo Box of 20
  • Robusto (5.5×54) $145/Box|5-Pack $37.50|$7.99
  • Matador (6.5×56) $166/Box|5-Pack $42.50|$9.00
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Cigar Brands Kristoff Cigars
Cigar Origin Dominican Cigars
Cigar Strength Medium-Full
Cigar Wrapper Habano Criollo
Kristoff Ligero Criollo Robusto (5.5×54), Matador (6.5×56)
Pack Size Box of 20, 5 Cigars, 1Cigar
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Kristoff Ligero Criollo is a stronger fuller bodied cigar than the original Kristoff Criollo. The Ligero Criollo is a medium to full bodied cigar that offers double the amount of Ligero tobacco in the filler and uses a Cuban seeded Honduran filler as opposed to the Nicaraguan filler found in the original Criollo. Wrapped in a Cuban seeded Honduran Criollo leaf this cigar is rolled with 100% Cuban seed tobacco and provides that stronger deeper smoke that a fuller cigar enthusiast prefers.

The Kristoff Ligero Criollo burns a unique blend of tobacco that exudes flavor from its Ligero leaves, there are undertones of cedar, spice hints of toasted nuts and caramel. The blend burns clean and has a balanced flavor profile, the signature pigtail cap on the Kristoff cigars allows you to taste more of the wrapper while its burning. For fuller cigar smokers this is a must try cigar and with a sweet finish it can appeal to medium bodied enthusiasts alike.

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