Lancero Boutique Cigar Sampler #2

Lancero Boutique Cigar Sampler #2

Enjoy the finest Lancero cigars nominated by fellow Brother & Sisters of the Leaf from the leading Boutique Cigar Manufactures & Blenders from around the World. Get these tasty top shelf Boutique Lancero Cigars conveniently with one click of the button & for Over 32% OFF!!

  • Lancero Boutique Cigar Sampler #2 includes:
  • Kristoff Corojo Limitada Lancero (7.5×50)
  • Don Pepin Garcia Original Lancero (7.5×38)
  • Marrero Tico Lancero (7.5×38)
  • Joya de Nicaragua 1970 Antano Lancero (7.5×38)
  • My Father No.4 Lancero (7.5×38)
  • Blanco Nine Lancero (7×38) (5×54)
  • Long Live the King My Style is Jalepeno (7×40) 

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Cigar Brands Blanco Cigars, Caldwell Cigars, Joya de Nicaragua, Kristoff Cigars, My Father Cigars

Lancero Boutique Cigar Sampler #2

The Lancero Boutique Cigar Sampler #2 is our newest improved version of our top voter selected version of our original Lancero Cigar Samplers released, the Lancero Boutique Cigar Sampler focuses on smaller cigar companies that have masterfully created and blended some of the finest premium cigars in our industry. The Boutique Lancero Sampler range from premium Nicaraguan hand rolled cigar with the Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 Antano, Blanco Nine, Don Pepin Garcia Original & My Father Cigar, to one of the best Costa Rican cigars with the Marrero Tico & some of the finest Dominican Boutique cigar blends including Caldwell Cigars Long Live the King & Top 25 Cigar of the Year blend: Kristoff Corojo Limitada!

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