Lancero Lover 7 Cigar Set

Lancero Lover 7 Cigar Set

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  • Lancero Lover 7 Cigar set only $62.99
  • Southern Draw Rose of Sharon Lancero (7.5×40)
  • My Father Don Pepin Garcia Original Lancero (7.5×38)
  • Oliva Serie V Lancero (7×38)
  • Blanco NINE Lancero (7×38)
  • Caldwell Long Live the King MSIJ Lancero (7×40)
  • BLTC Viaticum Lancero (6.75×40)
  • EPC La Historia Parientes Lancero (6.75×43)

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Lancero Lover 7 Cigar Set

Made with the Lancero Cigar Lover in mind. Lancero cigars are known to have some of the most pronounced, complex & amazing flavors in a cigar and it can be attributed to the fact that the cigar wrapper is typically the most expensive and prized leaf used on a cigar blend. When toasting up a Lancero or thin ring gauge cigar, you are in-fact enjoying more of the wrapper leaf in comparison to the less expensive filler tobaccos, and hence why these amazing flavors seem to come out of nowhere in a Lancero cigar. has put together a Top Shelf Cigar Gift Pack Sampler here featuring some of the Best Lancero and Most Flavorful Cigars on the Market featuring: My Father Cigars Don Pepin Original, Oliva V Serie Lancero, BLTC Viaticum, Southern Draw Rose of Sharon, Caldwell Long Live the King Lancero along with the EP Carrillo La Historia Parientes & the Blanco Nine Lancero.

1 review for Lancero Lover 7 Cigar Set

  1. MRB Bunch

    A very well curated sampler for the lancero aficionado who wishes to get close to the smoke and contemplate what a variety of great wrappers have to offer.

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