Lancero Lover 9 Cigar Gift Pack

Lancero Lover 9 Cigar Gift Pack

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  • Lancero Lover 9 Cigar Gift Pack only $68.99
  • My Father La Promisa Lancero (7.5×38)
  • My Father Don Pepin Garcia Original Lancero (7.5×38)
  • La Barba Purple Lancero (40×7)
  • Caldwell Long Live the King MSIJ Lancero (7×40)
  • Oliva Serie V Lancero (7×38)
  • Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142 Lancero (7×40)
  • Southern Draw Rose of Sharon Lancero (6.5×40)
  • Blanco NINE Lancero (7×38)
  • Long Live the King by AJF/Caldwell Lonsdale (6×44)

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Lancero Lover 9 Cigar Gift Pack

Made with the Lancero Cigar Lover in mind. Lancero cigars are known to have some of the most pronounced, complex & amazing flavors in a cigar and it can be attributed to the fact that the cigar wrapper is typically the most expensive and prized leaf used on a cigar blend. When toasting up a Lancero or thin ring gauge cigar, you are in-fact enjoying more of the wrapper leaf in comparison to the less expensive filler tobaccos, and hence why these amazing flavors seem to come out of nowhere in a Lancero cigar. has put together a Top Shelf Cigar Gift Pack Sampler here featuring some of the Best Lancero and Most Flavorful Cigars on the Market featuring: My Father Cigars Don Pepin Original, The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT.142, Oliva V Serie Lancero, My Father La Promesa, Southern Draw Rose of Sharon, Caldwell Long Live the King Lancero along with the AJ Fernandez special release blend of Long Live the King in Lonsdale & the Blanco Nine Lancero.

1 review for Lancero Lover 9 Cigar Gift Pack

  1. MRB Bunch

    A very well curated sampler for the lancero aficionado who wishes to get close to the smoke and contemplate what a variety of great wrappers have to offer.

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