Oliva Serie ‘V’

Oliva Serie ‘V’ is a top rated premium cigar brand manufactured in Nicaragua using an intricate blend of fermented Japala Valley Nicaraguan Ligero long fillers and a Nicaraguan binder. The Oliva Serie ‘V’ cigars complex blend is cloaked in a top-quality rich Habano Sun Grown wrapper giving them a dark chocolaty appearance and flavorful notes of cocoa, coffee, sweet spices & a chocolate tasting full bodied finish. They are both a top shelf and top rated cigars to have; Oliva Serie ‘V’ has been named a Top 25 Cigar of the Year and a 94-cigar rating by Cigar Aficionado.

  • Oliva Serie V Lancero Box 36 | Other Box 24
  • Belicoso (5×54) $170.50/Bx | 5-Pk $37.99 | $7.99
  • Double Robusto (5×54) $170.50/Bx | 5-Pk $37.99 | $7.99
  • Double Toro (6×60) $211.50/Bx | 5-Pk $46.99 | $9.59
  • Lancero (7×38) $221.94/Bx 36 | 5-Pk $34.09 | $7.49
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Cigar Brands Oliva Cigars
Cigar Origin Nicaraguan Cigars
Cigar Strength Medium-Full
Cigar Wrapper Nicaraguan Sun Grown Habano
Oliva Serie 'V' Belicoso (5×54), Double Robusto (5×54), Double Toro (6×60), Lancero (7×38), Torpedo (6×56)
Pack Size 1 Cigar, 5 Cigars, Box
SKU: IN0957 Categories: , , Brand:

Oliva Serie ‘V’ 

The Oliva Serie V is simply one of the finest cigars available on the market. Oliva has started with a top quality Habano Sun Grown wrapper and paired it with a Jalapa Valley ligero that has been specially fermented. Packed with an intricate blend of Nicaraguan long filler and the Nicaraguan binder, the Serie V exudes a magnificent and smooth full body smoking experience. This elaborate blend delivers a tasty and flavorful collection of notes consisting of spices, coffee, and dark chocolates. Always consistently rated very high on Cigar Aficionado’s, the Oliva Serie V is a great addition to any humidor.

The Oliva Serie V is a highly regarded cigar known for being hand rolled with precision by master cigar makers. The Nicaraguan Sun Grown Habano wrapper has a dark sweet appearance and aroma that has captured the hearts of many full bodied and medium bodied cigar lovers around the world. Oliva Serie V has earned an impressive 94 cigar rating by Cigar Aficionado and been named a Top 25 Cigar of the Year in 2014.

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