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Padron Series are medium-full bodied Nicaraguan cigars hand rolled with aged Nicaraguan long-leaf fillers & binders then encased in a 2 year+ aged Nicaraguan Sun Grown Habano or Nicaraguan Maduro leaf wrapper. The Padron Series cigars are Nicaraguan Puro blends offering a rich taste of toasted coffee beans, cocoa, and espresso & a sweet creamy strong finish. The Maduro wrappers offer a bolder, richer aroma experience than the Natural leaf- both Padron Series cigars have consistently earned 90+ ratings and are top-rated premium cigars.

  • Padron Series Box of 26 (Natural | Maduro)
  • Cortico (4.25×35) $29.10/Tin of 6
  • Delicias (4.8×46) $200.20/Bx | 5-Pk $38.50 | $7.70
  • Londres Corona (5.5×42) $179.40/Bx | 5Pk $34.50| $6.90
  • Palmas Lancero (6.3×42) $197.60/Bx | 5-Pk $38| $7.60
  • Panetela (6.8×36) $197.60/Bx5-Pk $38 | $7.60
  • 2000 Robusto (5×50) $204.10/Bx | 5-Pk $39.25| $7.85
  • 3000 Robusto (5.5×52) $226.20/Bx | 5-Pk $43.50| $8.70
  • 4000 Toro (6.5×54) $266.50/Bx | 5-Pk $51.25 | $10.25
  • 5000 Robusto Grande (5.5×56) $260/Bx | 5-Pk $50 | $10
  • 6000 Torpedo (5.5×52) $278.20/Bx | 5-Pk $53.50 | $10.70
  • 7000 Gordo (6.2×60) $297.70/Bx | 5-Pk $57.25| $11.45
Cigar Brands Padron Cigars
Cigar Origin Nicaraguan Cigars
Cigar Strength Medium-Full
Cigar Wrapper Nicaraguan Maduro, Nicaraguan Sun Grown Habano
Padron Series Londres Corona (5.5×42), Palmas Lancero (6.3×42), 2000 Robusto (5×50), 3000 Robusto (5.5×52), 4000 Toro (6.5×54), 6000 Torpedo (5.5×52), 7000 Gordo (6.2×60), Delicias (4.8×46), 5000 (5.5×56), Cortico Tin (4.25×35), Panetela (6.8×36)
Pack Size 1 Cigar, 5 Cigars, Box of 26, 1 Tin
Wrapper Natural, Maduro
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Padron Series cigars are some of the finest expertly crafted and consistent premium cigars on the market. The Padron cigars are steadily improving in quality and taste since they first were manufactured in 1964. Nowadays, this medium to full-bodied cigars is available in both Maduro and natural wrappers. Padron makes some of the highest-rated and regarded Nicaraguan cigars in the world.

Padron cigars are rolled with fine-aged Nicaraguan tobacco used for filler and the binder. Then encased in either a Nicaraguan Sun Grown Habano natural wrapper or their dark, oily Nicaraguan Maduro leaf. Both types have earned 90+ cigar ratings, and are a favorite at many tobacconists and cigar stores around the country. The evident level of quality in these cigars and the combination of friendly prices make them great.

Padron Cigar Company works diligently at keeping their prices down, so their top quality natural and Maduro-wrapped cigars are enjoyed by the masses. These Nicaraguan Puro cigars deliver a robust smoke with notes of toasted coffee beans and espresso that finish with a sweet creamy aroma.

Padron 7000 Maduro Cigar

17 reviews for Padron Cigars

  1. Matthew Cornett

    Padron is one brand you can always count on for a high quality cigar. From the lesser expensive Padron Series to the Family Reserve line there’s not a miss in the lot.

  2. Joe C

    An awesome Nicaraguan cigar at a nice price for how good of a Premium cigar the Padron Series smoke and taste.

    • joe

      100% Agree!! Enjoy!

  3. yokie002

    This is the ultimate daily stick if you’re into full bodied Nicaraguan cigars. Chocolate and baking spices with hints of musty aged tobacco. Always an effortless draw and a good burn time. Great construction other than the single cap. I dont think these can be beat for the price.

  4. yokie002

    This is the ultimate daily stick if you’re into full bodied Nicaraguan cigars. Chocolate and baking spices with hints of musty aged tobacco. Always an effortless draw but has a good burn time. Great construction other than the single cap. I dont think these can be beat for the price.


    u guys r great

  6. HAWAII 411

    Padron is and will always be one of the best tasting cigars not to mention that the quality of their cigars can’t be beat! The Family Reserve line is a bit costly but it’s totally awesome!!

  7. HAWAII 411

    The very first time I tried the Padron series I was hooked it’s a a GREAT SMOKE at a reasonable price and the best thing I ever did was purchasing them from CIGARS and PIPES!! I received First class service from the most wonderful people! Especially MIKE who was so awesome in helping me!! MUCH MAHALO & ALOHA MIKE!!!

  8. Darryl Rankin

    I’ve been smoking Padron for a while now.
    Top quality, consistent flavor
    Top shelf cigar

  9. Darryl Rankin

    This is a very fine cigar

  10. Darryl Rankin

    Very high quality

  11. timothy kulbacki

    these are one of my favorite and a go to cigar.

  12. Alberto Benitez

    Great cigar for the price! My go to smoke. Excellent service!

  13. graydmk

    At the more affordable end of Padron cigar luxury! The 3000 Maduro is what I choose to supplement my cravings for the 1926 Maduro. Can’t afford to smoke a 1926 whenever I want a great smoke. So, the 3000 brown label Maduro gets me pretty close with enough money left to pair with a nice Scotch. Win, win!

  14. dthatford

    High quality premium cigar. The longer you age these in your humidor the better they get.

  15. Anita Fernandes

    The Padron 3000 maduro is one of the best tasting cigars, very smooth but yet tasty with the construction being very uniformed as they are box pressed. I don’t think anyone would disagree when it’s the best for your bucks, especially when you purchase them at CIGARS AND PIPES!! You’ll never go wrong! Both are simply the best of the best!!!!!

  16. eric.hanson1988

    Padron is hands down the best cigar manufacturer, they are the GOAT of cigars. I’ve never had a Padron with bad flavors or major construction problems. The only issue with Padron is that they’re expensive, but that’s why this standard Padron line of cigars are so great. They offer similar rich and full flavors to what you get from the higher end 1964, 1926, and Family Reserve blends, but at a more affordable price. While these aren’t quite as complex or smooth, they are still outstanding cigars, especially for the cost. My personal favorite is the 4000 maduro.

  17. Scott Scheffler

    smoked one of these last night. Far and away the best value stick on the market. Perfect draw and construction. Flavor down to the nub. Buy a box.

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