Padron Elite 5-Cigar Sampler

Padron Elite 5-Cigar Sampler Includes:

  • (1) Padron 1926 40th Annivercery
  • (1) Padron 1926 Family Reserve No. 45
  • (1) Padron 1964 Exclusivo Natural
  • (1) Padron 1926 No.9 Natural
  • (1) Padron 2000 Series Natural


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Padron Elite 5-Cigar Sampler

Padron 1964 Anniversary Series were released in 1994 celebrating the 30 year anniversary of Padron Cigars. The 1964 Anniversary Series has since come to be known as some of the top rated cigars on the planet having most notably been ‘95-rated’. The 1964 Anniversary Series cigars consistently earn 90+ cigar ratings and having been placed on the Top 25 Cigars of the Year list by Cigar Aficionado recently in 2006 and 2011- they are understandably regarded as a luxury top shelf cigar.

The Padron 1964 Anniversary Series cigars are hand rolled using beautifully aged Nicaraguan tobacco fillers and binders that are cloaked in four year aged Nicaraguan Sun Grown and Nicaraguan Maduro wrappers. This custom blend of fine aged tobaccos creates an amazing full body experience that delivers rich and smooth flavors to your palate. The 1964 Anniversary Series Sun Grown natural wrappers capture pleasurable tastes of cocoa, espresso & finish with a nutty aroma, the Nicaraguan Maduro wrappers offer a slightly sweeter and bolder finish. All the Padron 1964 Anniversary cigars, in old Cuban tradition, come box-pressed in sets of 10 setting the stage for an impressively memorable smoking experience.

Padron 1926 Series was made to commemorate Jose O. Padron’s 75th birthday.  It’s a bold full-bodied cigar using only refined Nicaraguan tobacco that has been aged for five years to create a smooth and complex cigar, both balanced yet still full of flavor.  Every Padron 1926 Series cigar has a double band with its own serial number to make sure you have an authentic Padron, That has a well deserved ’93’ rating from Cigar Aficionado.

Padron Series cigars are considered some of the finest expertly crafted and consistent premium cigars on the market. The Padron Series cigars have been steadily improving in quality and taste since they first were manufactured in 1964. Now days these medium to full bodied cigars that are available in both maduro and natural wrappers are some of the highest rated and regarded Nicaraguan cigars in the world.

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