Rocky Patel The EDGE Corojo, Habano, and Maduro

Rocky Patel The EDGE Corojo

  • Corojo Sixty (6×60) $163.95/20 Cigars | 5-Pack $41.99
  • Corojo Toro (6×52) $125.95/Box of 20 | 5-Pack $32.95
  • Corojo Robusto (5.5×50) $118.99/20 Cigars | 5-Pack $30.95

Rocky Patel The EDGE Habano

  • Habano Toro (6×52) $125.95/20 Cigars | 5-Pack $32.95
  • Habano Torpedo (6×52) $130.95/20 Cigars | 5-Pack 34.00

Rocky Patel The EDGE Maduro

  • Maduro Sixty (6×60) $163.95/20 Cigars | 5-Pack $41.99
  • Maduro Toro (6×52) $125.95/Box of 20| 5-Pack $31.99
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Cigar Brands Rocky Patel Cigars
Cigar Origin Honduran Cigars
Rocky Patel The Edge Size & Style Corojo Robusto (5.5×50), Corojo Toro (6×52), Battalion Corojo Sixty (6×60), Habano Toro (6×52), Habano Torpedo (6×52), Maduro Toro (6×52), Battalion Maduro Sixty (6×60)
Pack 5 Cigars, 20 Cigars
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Rocky Patel The EDGE Corojo, Habano, and Maduro

Rocky Patel The Edge Corojo cigars are one of the best-selling brands at many tobacconist store around the country. They are medium-full bodied hand rolled cigars from Honduras that use aged long-leaf fillers packed inside a Cuban-seed Corojo wrapper. The Edge Corojo wrapper is a robust, rich flavored smoking experience that offers cigar enthusiasts a 90+ rated cigar at an affordable price.

The Rocky Patel The Edge Habano are full-bodied Nicaraguan Puro cigars from Rocky Patel’s factory in Honduras. They are hand rolled with long leaf tobacco fillers from Nicaragua packed inside a dark oily Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. The Edge Habano cigars have earned an impressive cigar rating of 94 and claimed the 7th best cigar in the Top 25 of 2015 cigars list by Cigar Aficionado Magazine, for their smooth rich flavors and remarkably even burn.

The Rocky Patel The Edge Maduro cigars are one of the best-selling Maduro cigars in America. They offer a bold flavorful taste at an affordable price from Rocky Patel, company that brings years of experience in making fine cigars. They are medium-full bodied, 90+ rated cigars, from Honduras that are rolled with aged long-leaf fillers and encased with a dark, oily Habano Maduro wrapper that captures smooth tastes of caramel, cocoa and has a peppery finish.

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