San Cristobal 5-Pack Deals

San Cristobal 5-Pack Deals

We have Premium San Cristobal Cigars available at low prices on 5-Packs:

  • Clasico (5×50) only $38.50
  • Monumento (7.2×49) only $45.99
  • Revelation Legend (6.2×52) only $37.00
  • Ovation Opulence (5.5×50) only $60.99
  • Ovation Decadence (6.5×52) only $70.50
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San Cristobal Premium 5-Packs Clasico (5×50), Monumento (7.2×49), Revelation Legend (6.2×52), Ovation Opulence (5.5×50), Ovation Decadence (6.5×52)

San Cristobal 5-Pack Deals

The San Cristobal Cigars are a Full strength premium cigar that is aged and filled with selectively harvested Nicaraguan tobacco, all wrapped in a beautiful and rich corojo wrapper. Flavors of earthy and complex smoke that has notes of sweet coffee flavor with a nutty undertone hinted with spice.

San Cristobal Revelation is a medium-full strength Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapped premium cigar hand rolled at the My Father Cigars Factory in Nicaragua. These box-pressed cigars use top quality Nicaraguan tobacco leafs for the long fillers & binders that are cloaked with the rich flavorful Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf. The flavor profile of these cigars are rich notes of cocoa, toasted cedar, nuts & a creamy vanilla finish.

San Cristobal Ovation is a full bodied Cuban-esque blend hand rolled in Nicaragua with a premium Nicaraguan long leaf binder & filler that is encased in a dark, oily double fermented San Andres Oscuro leaf wrapper that was aged over two years. The Ovation cigars deliver rich full bodied notes of coffee, spices, pepper & chocolate with an earthy wood aroma finish.

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