Smokin Joes Pipe Tobacco is the premier Native American made pipe tobacco brand. Selecting only the finest tobacco grown, Smokin Joes provides smokers with the freshest blends for consistently smooth smoking enjoyment. By expertly hand blending and bagging their tobacco Smokin Joes Pipe Tobacco is always stem-free. Smokin Joes Pipe Tobacco comes in re-sealable 6oz, & 1lb sizes.

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Pack Size 16oz Bag, 5Lb Bag
Brand Smokin Joes
Orgin U.S.A
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  1. You get what you pay for! Always “Fresh” and delivered on time. Very smooth tobacco with very few stems. Higher quality than the “name” brands. Cigar and Pipes is my go to tobacco store. The extra is grown in the “Tobacco”.

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