Sutliff Black Cordial Pipe Tobacco

Sutliff Black Cordial Pipe Tobacco

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Sutliff Black Cordial Pipe Tobacco is a mild strengthen aromatic blend of Black Cavendish and light sweet Virginia tobacco that is ribbon-coarse cut and finished with a pleasant cherry flavoring. Black Cordial is a popular pipe tobacco blend from Sutliff Tobacco Co. offering pipe tobacco enthusiasts a sweeter option to straight Black Cavendish.

Pack Size 1 oz., 4 oz., 16 oz.
Strength Mild
Tobacco Cavendish & Virginia
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Sutliff Black Cordial Pipe Tobacco is an aromatic brand of bulk pipe tobacco from Sutliff Tobacco Co. that main tobacco component is steamed Black Cavendish blended with bright Virginia tobacco that has a pleasant cherry flavoring. Sutliff Black Cordial is one of the most popular blends from Sutliff Tobacco Co. that offers pipe tobacco smokers a sweet and tangy mild bodied smoking experience.

2 reviews for Sutliff Black Cordial Pipe Tobacco

  1. Chuck W.

    A sweet fruity cherry hint on top of a nice tobacco. Recommended by staff and great for after a meal.

  2. Father’s Mustache

    I’ve been smoking Black Cordial exclusively for over 40 years. It is the most satisfying pipe tobacco that I have ever tasted! I once asked a friend (a non-pipe smoker) about the aroma, & he described it as “smells like burning ice cream!” The smell of the tobacco in the pouch is the same as the taste when smoking it…absolutely delicious! And I have never heard anyone say that they didn’t like the aroma…even my late mother, & she HATED the smell of smoke of any kind!
    If you like aromatic tobaccos & want a sweet smoke with virtually ZERO bite, try this stuff!

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