Tatuaje Miami ‘Brown Label’

Tatuaje Miami ‘Brown Label’ Cigars are premium boutique cigars rolled in Miami, behind the My Father Cigars headquarters, with Nicaraguan grown Cuban-seed tobacco that is wrapped in a rich Ecuadorian Habano leaf. Tatuaje Miami ‘Brown Label’ cigars are highly rated, limited produced & regarded as one of the best premium boutique cigar brands in the world. Tatuaje Miami boutique cigars are highly flavorful & well-balanced delivering earthy leather notes of cocoa, coffee, peppers & cedar woods. Tatuaje Miami Cabinet Noellas recently named #24 Top Cigar of 2017 with a 91-rating by Cigar Aficionado Magazine!

  • Tatuaje Miami ‘Brown Label’- Box/25
  • Petite Cazadores Reserva (4×40) $201.99/Bx50 | $22.50/5Pk
  • Cabinet Noellas (5.1×42) $199.99/Bx25 | $40/5Pk | $8.75
  • K222 Reserva Miami (5.9×52) $314.99/Bx25 | $66.50/5Pk
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Cigar Brands Tatuaje Cigars
Cigar Origin American Cigars
Cigar Strength Medium-Full
Cigar Wrapper Ecuadorian Habano, Sumatra
Tatuaje Miami 'Brown Label' Petite Cazadores Reserva (4×40), Cabinet Noellas (5.1×42), 7th Capa Especial (5.6×46), K222 Reserva (5.9×52), Especiales (7.5×38)
Pack Size 1 Cigar, 5 Cigars, Box
SKU: IN18721 Categories: , , , Brand:

Tatuaje Miami ‘Brown Label’

Tatuaje Miami ‘Brown Label’ are premium boutique cigars blended by Tatuaje owner Pete Johnson and hand rolled in Doral, Florida (Miami) in a small batch factory behind the My Father Cigars headquarters. The Tatuaje Miami cigars are also referred to as the Tatuaje ‘Brown Label’ for their simple brown label band that covers Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in Nicaragua wrapped in Ecuadorian Habano leaf creating some extremely delicious balanced boutique cigars. Tatuaje Miami cigars are known for their rarity & also their highly flavorful smoke loaded with earthy leather notes of cocoa, coffee, peppers & cedar woods. The Tatuaje Cabinet Noellas Miami was recently recognized for it’s premium attributes in 2017 being awarded the #24 Top Cigar of 2017 on way to a 91-rated by Cigar Aficionado Magazine.

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