Xikar Black Travel Humidor

Xikar Travel Humidor


XiKar travel humidor is airtight, watertight, and crushproof humidor is an excellent case. Made from super-strong ABS molded Plastic and featuring a silicone airtight and watertight seal, this travel humidor ensures the protection of your cigars. Inside is lined in an egg shaped foam to cushion your cigars. The box features a humidification system, which due to the ultra tight seal is not even needed, but we have included it anyway! The humidor is guaranteed to keep your cigars moist and ready to smoke.

  • Xikar Travel Humidor
  • 5 Cigar Humidor $29.99
  • 10 Cigar Humidor $34.99
  • 15 Cigar Humidor $44.99


Brand Xikar
Xikar Travel Humidor Size 5 Cigar, 10 Cigars, 15 Cigars
XiKar Travel Humidor Color Black, Yellow, Blue
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Xikar Travel Humidor