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The Taste and Aroma of Different Cigar Brands

Jul 13, 2016 | Blogs

If you have a love of cigars, you’re probably pretty familiar with the differences in taste and flavor. You have your favorites, but you likely try to sample new things that you’ve heard about or that other cigar aficionados recommend. That’s one of the major differences between cigars and cigarettes – cigarette smokers often have a favored brand and they rarely smoke anything else. Cigar smokers like to sample new blends because there are so many different tastes and flavors to set the mood or enhance the occasion. You might enjoy a light, mild cigar in the afternoon. You might prefer a heavy, robust cigar over drinks with friends.
Great cigars, like Rocky Patel The Edge, are made for discerning cigar lovers who admire the quality and bold flavor. Tobacco is often aged for a great deal of time, and flavors are cultivated to give each different cigar a distinct attraction. This is why many premium cigar shops host private, or invitation only, cigar tastings. These events are held specifically so that cigar lovers can come and enjoy new and unique blends they may not have had time to try.

Aroma and Your Palate

There is certainly a taste distinction in great tobacco. Your cigar might evoke hints of spices, wood, even the earth local to the tobacco that’s used. Cigars might also be flavored, dipping either the wrapper or curing the tobacco itself so that the taste permeates your taste buds from the very first inhale until it’s extinguished. Cigar experts know that there’s also an attraction to the aroma of the cigar. The aroma itself gives you the hint of the taste and adds to the experience – so much so that the aroma will give the smoker the impression of the taste even if the leaves are not cured with the flavor. Check out custom home remodels.

If you’re not already familiar with the different blends and tastes, cigars are as varied as types of fine liquor or perfectly made wine. Liquor is created and aged to pick up specific tastes – an oaky flavor, or that of local fruits and spices. These different accents help to compliment food you eat or the experience you’re having. Cigars are enjoyed in much the same way – to celebrate a day with friends or to wind down after hours of toil. The taste is just as important to set the mood.

Great Flavors and Finding Your Blend

The best way to find cigar blends that appeal to you, is by finding recommendations from trusted sources and trying them out for yourself check out vintage designer clothing leo hamel. There’s no right or wrong answer. You might prefer a smooth creamy Connecticut Shade cigar for your mild taste. You might prefer something with a more full bodied finish, such as a Nicaraguan Sun Grown Oliva Serie O. You might even enjoy cigars with fruity blends or aromas that invite your senses to think of leather and spices, like the infused Acid cigars by Drew Estate.

Most cigar lovers will have a few favorites, but you’ll want to keep experimenting so that you never miss something that’s sure to become a new favorite.

If you’re looking for a wonderful blend for your next special occasion, or something new to try with your friends, feel free to look over our vast selection of world class cigars.

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Great cigars, like the Rocky Patel The Edge are made for discerning cigar lovers who admire the quality and bold flavor.

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