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We have the freshest tobacco products available on our website including the best Cigars and Pipe Tobacco Online, shop from the convenience of your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week and at the lowest prices! Cigar and Pipes website, CigarandPipes.com, makes shopping easy and stress free by providing professional photos with detailed product descriptions of all our tobacco products. The in-depth tobacco product profiles have a plethora of information available to help answer any questions you may have or they can help you find the perfect product for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for top rated cigars, discount cigars, premium pipe tobacco or value pipe tobacco we are confident that you will find what you’re looking for and of the freshest quality at Cigar and Pipes Tobacco Shop. Our Cigar and Pipes retail location features a vast walk-in humidor that allows customers to browse thousands of premium cigars and pipe tobaccos that are always stored in ideal conditions. Furthermore, our knowledgeable, friendly staff is eager to answer any questions about our tobacco products, assisting you in making the best selection based on taste and budget. If you’re looking to save time by shopping from home for premium cigars, pipe tobacco, e-liquids, filtered cigars, bundled cigars, or tobacco accessories like pipes and humidors, our easy-to-use website is the way to go. Our selection of cigars is unparalleled featuring popular, premium cigar brands, such as Montecristo, Arturo Fuente, Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley, Padron, Ashton, Romeo y Julieta, & Acid by Drew Estate, among many others. Additionally, we offer many alternative premium tobacco products, such as our value pipe tobacco bags, which feature some of the best prices online. If you prefer the tasty flavored cigars our filtered cigars or small cigars are great options that we offer and both are sold in easy to carry packs and tins. Searching for discount cigars on a budget? View our bundled cigars, which offer a cost-efficient way to enjoy premium cigars at discounted prices. Looking to smoke but don’t like the smell of burnt tobacco? Look no further than our vape and e-liquids, they are all produced using 100% USP Food Grade ingredients that are all 100% Made in America and of course, sold at the best price online! Cigar and Pipes Tobacco Shop’s #1 goal is supplying the freshest tobacco products at the best prices while providing fast, friendly service that always saves our customers time and money! We look forward to the opportunity of meeting more great people through our website and extending our fast, friendly and professional customer service to you. Thank you for visiting- Cigar and Pipes Tobacco Shop where you will find the freshest tobacco products, including the best cigars and pipe tobacco online!

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Our Pipe Tobacco

Our Pipe Tobacco products are of the freshest quality and best prices, due to our quick turnover rate and strategic ordering system. We have a retail smoke shop where our pipe tobacco is constantly being purchased, combined with our strategic ordering system gives us the ability to minimize the shelf life of our pipe tobacco. We store all our pipe tobacco in controlled tobacco humidor ensuring it will be some of the freshest & most enjoyable pipe tobacco to smoke.

Our Cigars

Our Cigar products are ordered directly from their respective manufacturer and are immediately stored in our controlled cigar humidors. Our constant flow of retail traffic along with our strategic ordering system helps us sell the freshest cigars at best prices. We have three large humidors each over 650 sq ft to store our cigars in, providing us the ability and confidence that our cigars are always of the highest quality and best prices.  

Our E-Cigs

Our E-Cigarette products are ordered directly from a U.S manufacturer that practices FDA compliant operating procedures & solely uses U.S origin ingredients. We exclusively sell that manufacturer’s products for the safety of our customers. Our E-Cigarette product ingredients are all traceable & 100% USP Food Grade Ingredients made in America. We are stand beside our e-cigarette products & are confident they are of the highest quality. 


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