is committed to strictly enforcing the laws prohibiting tobacco sales to minors and furthermore, do not sell to anyone under the age of 21 years old on the website. In fulfilling these responsibilities to the general public and our customers we use a non-affiliated 3rd party company, Electronic Verification Systems, LLC, to provide a comprehensive identity and age verification service. reserves the right to use Electronic Verification Systems, LLC, solutions for identity and age verification service, in accordance with federal law. Electronic Verification Systems, LLC, has been providing Fraud and Identity Verification services for over 15 years to a dozen different industries. They are a highly reputable company in their industry for fraud protection, identity verification and authentication solutions. uses their IdentiFraud Consumer + solutions system that quickly and effectively confirms a person’s identity and age based on the personal information you submit. The information is than cross checked with multiple data sources from public, private and credit related sources and databases to help verify a person’s identity and date of birth. uses EVS’s comprehensive solutions to help prevent fraud in addition to using their identity and age verification services. We use EVS’s ‘Knowledge Based Authentication’ product which is an additional component to help verify the identity of our customers through a series of multiple choice question which are created using information not commonly found in a purse, wallet, social media site, utility bill or a Google search. Adding this technology to our age verification process will help thwart off ID thieves and lower the risk of fraudulent charges on our website or to our customers.

All information provided and delivered for age verification purposes is secured with Electronic Verification System’s AES 256- bit encryption technology. EVS does not store or share any of your information with any 3rd parties. If perhaps our age verification systems process can not verify you; we will contact you via email and phone to complete the process. Additional information will be needed when the EVS age verification system cannot confirm a customer’s age or identity including: a copy of your driver’s license or other government issued identification that can verify your date of birth and address. We only sell products domestically in the United States of America and are only set up to verify the identity and age of individuals with U.S recorded information.

All fraudulent orders or attempted orders will be reported immediately to the ordered shipping addresses nearest local authorities. We reserve the right to review any orders on suspicion of unlawful attempted purchases, unauthorized transactions or for any other fraudulent or prohibited reason stated or not stated in our terms or posted by the law.