Alec Bradley American Classic

Alec Bradley American Classic is a young robust brand of cigars manufactured in Nicaragua and hand rolled with Honduran Connecticut-seed wrappers. Alec Bradley is known for using a wide variety of tobacco blends to create their brands and the American Classic blend is no different. They are rolled with premium leaves from both Honduras and Nicaragua inside the Honduran Connecticut wrapper creating a smooth creamy mild-medium bodied cigar that is consistently ranked as one of the best cigars under $5.

  • Alec Bradley American Classic Box of 20
  • Corona (5.5×42) $94.99/Bx | 5-Pk $25 | $5.25
  • Robusto (5×50) $105.99/Bx | 5-Pk $28 | $5.90
  • Churchill (7×48) $118.99/Bx | 5-Pk $31.50 | $6.60
  • Toro (6×50) $112.99/Bx | 5-Pk $30 | $6.30
  • Torpedo (6.2×52) $118.99/Bx | 5-Pk $31.50 | $6.30
  • Gordo (6×60) $130.99/Bx | 5-Pk $34.50 | $7.30
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Cigar Brands Alec Bradley Cigars
Cigar Origin Nicaraguan Cigars
Cigar Strength Medium
Cigar Wrapper Honduran Connecticut
American Classic Corona (5.5×42), Robusto (5×50), Churchill (7×48), Toro (6×50), Torpedo (6.2×52), Gordo (6×60)
Pack Size 1 Cigar, 5 Cigars, Box of 20
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The Alec Bradley American Classic cigars are one of the most remarkably affordable cigar brands we’ve experienced from the Honduran masters. It’s crafted with the intention to replicate the classic taste of old-style, Tampa-made premiums.

Hand rolled with premium tobacco leaves from both Honduras and Nicaragua blend together to form a remarkable smoking experience. A venerable selection of long-fillers from Nicaragua are nestled inside a Nicaraguan tobacco leaf binder, and then enveloped by a gorgeous Connecticut-seed Honduran wrapper. To achieve maximum flavor, Alec Bradley imported Connecticut-seeds and grew them in the superb fertile soils of Honduras, to create a wrapper with a semi-dark hue and a mild smooth finish. The result – is a mild-medium body type of cigar packed with pleasing flavors such as sweet notes of nuts and coffee that are smooth calming to the palate.

Alec Bradley American Classic is consistently ranked one of the best cigars under $5 and without a doubt, at this price point, we’re confident this cigar will be a favorite in your humidor for the foreseeable future, easily becoming a part of your daily enjoyment.

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