Best of Alec Bradley Cigar Sampler

  • Best of Alec Bradley Cigar Sampler
  • (3) American Sungrown Toro
  • (3) Black Market Toro
  • (3) American Classic Corona
  • (1) Mundial PL#5
  • (1) 58 gauge Cigar Cutter

The Best of Alec Bradley Cigar Sampler features 10 Alec Bradley cigars with a wide range of types of cigars, sizes of cigars & strengths: from a Top 25 Cigar of the Year, to a full or mild bodied cigar and from Perfecto shaped cigars to large Toro sized cigars – it’s all here in the Best of Alec Bradley Samplers!


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Cigar Sampler Size 10 Cigars
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Best of Alec Bradley Cigar Sampler is an excellent selection for all type of smokers; from the cigar connoisseur or to the first time cigar buyer. The Best of Alec Bradley comes with cigars of distinctly different strengths, wrappers and sizes. There are perfect everyday medium to full bodied cigars and elite hand rolled cigars in this sampler, when you add in the amazing price this is an excellent selection from an industry leading cigar company.

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