Smokin Joes 100% Natural Pipe Tobacco is an elite blend of true Native American manufactured Pipe Tobacco. Smokin Joes Original 100% Natural Pipe Tobacco is a strong smooth medium cut full bodied American Pipe Tobacco. The blend features fine American Burly that is double toasted and mixed with Virginia flue-cured tobacco. The tobacco is hand blended stem & stick free by Native Americans on the Tuscarora Nation  No additives are included at any point in the hand blended process, giving Smokin Joes 100% Natural Pipe Tobacco a full 100% natural taste. It comes in 1lb re-sealable bags available in Original, Smooth & Menthol blends.

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Orgin U.S.A
Brand Smokin Joes
Pack Size 16oz Bag
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Smokin Joes 100% Natural Pipe Tobacco is a non-aromatic non-additive line of pipe tobacco that offers pipe smokers a medium ribbon cut line of smooth & consistent pipe tobacco. The Original, Purple, blend features double toasted Burley tobacco blended with Virginia Flue Cured with a robust naturally sweet taste. For Menthol pipe tobacco lovers the Menthol, Green, blend uses the same tobacco blend as the original, but has a fresh menthol finish. The Smooth, Silver, blend uses the same double toasted Burley but ads more golden Virginia Flue Cured tobacco leaf for a smoother smoking experience.

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  1. If you’re looking for a mellow, smooth Natural Tobacco, stop looking and Hit the “Add to Cart” tab. I don’t like the taste of Virginia or Oriental Tobacco, and IMO, there is just enough Virginia in this blend to nutrilize any aftertaste of either of the two tobacco’s. In addition, it’s as Stem Free, (if not the most), as any Natural Tobacco I’ve tried. Also, unlike so many other Natural Brands, this tobacco was NOT bone dry upon opening the bag. BTW, I’m a SYO Cig. smoker only. and this medium ribbon cut stuffs very well in my Powermatic I* Machine.

    FWIW, I gave one of these stuffed into a ZEN FF 100mm tube to a Lady who usually smokes “Camel Turkish Royale”, and she liked it just as much, if not more.

    Hope this helps.

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