Smokin Joes Original Pipe Tobacco

Smokin Joes Original Pipe Tobacco is a top selling non-aromatic medium cut American Pipe Tobacco that features thoroughly blended aged tobacco providing a smooth full bodied smoke that has a consistent taste and uniformed burn. Smokin Joes Original Pipe Tobacco blend featuring double toasted American burley, sweet Virginia flue-cured and Carolina grown tobacco. It is referred to by full flavor smokers as a “true full flavor without the harsh burn”, which is due to the precisely monitored blend of aged and cured fine tobaccos. The tobacco is hand bagged stem & stick free by Native Americans on the Tuscarora Nation and is available in three re-sealable bag sizes.

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Orgin U.S.A
Brand Smokin Joes
Pack Size 6oz Bag, 16oz Bag, 5Lb Bag
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