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Flavored Vs Aroma Filtered Cigars

Apr 5, 2016 | Blogs

Flavored vs Aroma Filtered Cigars

For cigar enthusiasts, flavored cigars were once regarded as, well, garbage. Enthusiasts wanted the bold, rich taste of a good cigar and the original flavored filtered cigars fell a bit short. Often they lost their taste halfway through or the taste itself was too sweet or bitter. But improvements in the process have made for an eclectic variety of filtered cigars, for any type of smoker. Cigar enthusiasts are finding that flavored or aroma filtered cigars give them a little variety, depending on where they are and what they’re doing. They might enjoy a lighter, fruit taste or something smooth. But the real advantage to these quality filtered cigars is that they’ve introduced good quality cigars to people who otherwise had never tried them.

What’s the Difference Between Filtered Cigars and Regular Cigars?

Filtered cigars are smaller than your traditional cigar, though still wrapped in tobacco leaf or tobacco wrapping paper and still made with the same high quality tobacco. These cigars include a filtered tube on the end and they are machine made. So the appearance of a filtered cigar is cleaner and more precise than the old fashioned, hand wrapped, larger cigars you might be used to seeing. But you save yourself the trouble of cutting the tip and you won’t get any stray tobacco in your mouth or caught in your teeth.

You can buy filtered cigars in regular smooth flavors, so they give the same bold taste of a cigar, you smoke them in the same way (holding the taste in your mouth but not inhaling into your lungs), but they’re cleaner and smaller. Rather than taking hours to smoke, these can be for a short break. They’re available in all sorts of flavors, including a smooth tobacco blend, menthol, and a ton of other flavors, from fruit to whiskey and even coffee, depending on your mood.

Flavored Vs. Aroma

There are two distinct ways to infuse the taste into a cigar. While many users like the traditional tobacco or even menthol flavor, there’s a growing population of filtered cigar smokers who enjoy trying new flavors in their cigars. You might enjoy a strawberry flavored cigar for a nice change of pace. Or you might choose grape, peach, vanilla, or any number of lighter aromas. Other options include whiskey, rum, even wine flavors which go really well with a night out relaxing.

These options come in two varieties – flavored or aroma filled. The flavored filtered cigars use flavored tobacco. In this case, the tobacco flavoring process is done before the filtered cigar is created. The flavored tobacco is wrapped inside normal tobacco leaf, giving you the distinct taste of the flavoring while you’re smoking. An aroma filtered cigar is created by using paper dipped in the flavoring. This process doesn’t change the tobacco flavor it only gives the illusion of the flavor because you can smell it on the cigar . In some cases, makers will use both flavored and aroma to give more punch to the taste.

Are You Interested in Trying Flavored or Aroma Filtered Cigars?

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