Padron 1926 Series

Padron 1926 Series are some of the finest Nicaraguan puro cigars in the world, available in two Cuban style box-pressed cigar wrappers a dark golden Nicaraguan Sungrown Habano & a rich oily Nicaraguan Maduro leaf, both rolled with a minimum of 4 year aged Nicaraguan long-fillers & binders. Padron 1926 Series full bodied cigars’ tasting profiles feature bold sweet notes of chocolate, coffee beans, nuts, caramel, balanced spices & hints of black cherry, with the Maduro style providing an ever deeper & richer experience. The Padron 1926 Series were named Cigar of the Year 2007 with the highest Padron rating ever: a 97 point rating from Cigar Aficionado!

  • Padron 1926 Series– Box of 24 (Natural | Maduro)
  • No.35 Corona (4×48) $297.60/Bx | 5-Pack $62 | $12.40
  • No. 02 Belicoso (5.5×52) $184.00/Bx 10 | 5-Pack $92
  • No.6 Robusto (4.7×50) $345.60/Bx | 5-Pack $72 | $14.40
  • No.9 Toro (5.2×56) $489.60/Bx | 5-Pack $102 | $20.40
  • TAA No. 47 (5.5×50) $393.60/Bx | 5-Pack $82 | $16.40
  • TAA No. 48 (5.5×60)* $207.00/Bx 10 | 5-Pk $103.50 | $20.70
  • No.90 Tube (5.5×52) $203.99/Bx 10 | 5-Pk $101 | $20.20
  • 40 Year Torpedo (6.5×54)* $137.50/5-Pack | $27.50
  • 80 Year Torpedo (6.7×54) $260.00/Bx 8 | $32.50

*1926 80th Anniversary & TAA Exclusive No.48 Available Only in Maduro | 1926 40th Anniversary & TAA Exclusive No.47 Available Only in Natural

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Cigar Brands Padron Cigars
Cigar Origin Nicaraguan Cigars
Cigar Strength Full
Cigar Wrapper Nicaraguan Maduro, Nicaraguan Sun Grown Habano
Padron 1926 Series No.35 Corona (4×48), No.6 Robusto (4.7×50), No.9 Toro (5.2×56), No.90 Tubo (5.5×52), 40th Anniversary (6.5×54), 80th Anniversary (6.7×54), No. 47 TAA (5.5×50), No.48 TAA (5.5×60), No. 02 Belicoso (5.5×52)
Pack Size 1 Cigar, 5 Cigars, Box
Wrapper Natural, Maduro
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Padron 1926 Series

Padron 1926 Series was made to commemorate Jose O. Padron’s 75th birthday; they are a bold full-bodied cigar hand crafted using only the finest aged refined Nicaraguan tobacco that have been aged a minimum of 4 years up to 10 years. The Padron 1926 Series cigars are a bolder, more limited & a higher rated blend than their Padron predecessors providing a smooth, flavorful & complex cigar experience. These Nicaraguan puro cigars are available in two full bodied wrappers styles: the Natural, a Nicaraguan Sungrown Habano leaf, & a dark oily Nicaraguan Maduro wrapped cigar. All Padron 1926 Series cigars are Cuban style box-pressed cigars blended to deliver bold flavorful notes of sweet chocolate, coffee, nuts, balanced spices & hints of black cherry to the palate. Every Padron 1926 Series cigar has a double band with its own serial number to make sure you have an authentic Padron; the Padron 1926 No.9 was named 2007 Cigar of the Year with the highest Padron cigar rating ever: a 97 point rating from Cigar Aficionado Magazine!


Reviews (2)

  1. First time ordering with Cigar and Pipes. I must say they offer many different “single” cigars that other websites don’t. I was surprised by a few they had. However, I ordered a single Padron 1926 No.9. My order came fresh and in 2 days! Thanks guy. Keep up the great work.

  2. It’s been about a year or two since I last ordered from Cigars and Pipes, but the service is still world class. Never had any problems placing an order. This time I I ordered a Padron 1926 Series:
    40th Anniversary in natural and a Padron 1926 Series:
    No.90 Tubo in maduro. They didn’t have the 40th in natural, but I received a call to see if I wanted the maduro. The fact I was given an option is great customer service in my book. Both cigars shipped quick and where in perfect condition.

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