Blanco NINE

Blanco NINE Cigars

Experience the full-flavored & full-bodied perfection of the Blanco NINE Cigars, hand rolled with the finest Nicaraguan Oscuro Corojo Wrapper & three different ligero leaves from various Nicaraguan Tobaccos for the long-filler. Blanco Nine cigars provide a full, long lasting body with notes of cocoa, coffee and spices dominating the palate.

  • BLANCO NINE Boxes & Bundles of 20
  • Robusto (5×52) $152.40/Bx 20 | 5-Pack $38.45
  • Lancero (7×38) $244.25/Bx of 30 | 5-Pack $40.80
  • Toro (6×52) $162.15/Bx 20 | 5-Pack $40.80
  • Torpedo (6.5×52) $166.45/Bx 20 | 5-Pack $41.85
  • Minutos Petite Corona (4×38) $16.15/Pack of 5
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Cigar Brands Blanco Cigars
Cigar Origin Nicaraguan Cigars
Cigar Strength Full
Cigar Wrapper Oscuro Corojo
Blanco NINE Size Robusto (5×52), Lancero (7×38), Toro (6×52), Torpedo (6.5×52), Minutos (4×38)
Pack 1 Cigar, 5 Cigars, Box/Bundle
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Blanco NINE

Blanco NINE is made from the finest Nicaraguan Oscuro Corojo Wrapper.  The wrapper is aged for a minimum of three years and masterfully blended with an exquisite binder.  The sophisticated taste and aroma of the full-flavored and full-bodied cigar comes from three different ligero leaves from various Nicaraguan Tobaccos as filler.  This dark oily cigar offers notes of wood and cocoa with huge flavor right off the first light.  This cigar boasts a full and long lasting body with earth, coffee and spices dominating the palate.  After 8 attempts at blending this cigar, Blanco struck perfection with the NINE.

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