Cigar Obsession Cigars (CO Cigars)

Cigar Obsession ‘CO’ Cigars are now available at! Conveniently add these Ultra Premium hand crafted Nicaraguan cigars to your cart along with all our other top name brand & premium boutique brand cigars! CO Cigars feature some of the finest well aged tobaccos specifically selected for blending with over 8+ years & over 1,500+ cigar reviews experience from ! Enjoy the medium-full bodied CO 1st Third, a medium bodied CO 2nd Third or the medium-full bodied CO Final Third Cigars!

  • CO Cigars (5-Pack | Singles)
  • CO 1st Third Robusto (5×52) $40/5-Pack | $8.00
  • CO 1st Third Toro (6×52) $50/5-Pack | $10.00
  • CO 2nd Third Robusto (5×52) $40/5-Pack | $8.00
  • CO 2nd Third Toro (6×52) $50/5-Pack | $10.00
  • CO 2nd Third Perfecto (6.125×52) $75/5-Pack | $15.00
  • CO 2nd Third Churchill (7×48) $60/5-Pack | $12.00
  • CO Final Third Lancero (7×38) $70/5-Pack | $14.00
  • CO Final Third Robusto (5×54) $65/5-Pack | $13.00
  • CO Final Third Toro (6×54) $75/5-Pack | $15.00
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Cigar Brands Blanco Cigars
Cigar Origin Nicaraguan Cigars
Cigar Strength Medium, Medium-Full
Cigar Wrapper Cameroon, Nicaraguan
CO Cigars 1st Third Robusto (5×52), 1st Third Toro (6×52), 2nd Third Robusto (5×52), 2nd Third Toro (6×52), 2nd Third Perfecto (6.125×52), 2nd Third Churchill (7×48), Final Third Lancero (7×38), Final Third Toro (6×54), Final Third Robusto (5×54)
Pack Size 1 Cigar, 5 Cigars
SKU: IN1183-2 Categories: , , Brand:

Cigar Obsession Cigars (CO Cigars)

CO 1st Third are medium to full bodied premium cigars hand rolled in Nicaragua by Blanco Cigars using a proprietary blend of long fillers, binders & a dark brown oily very well aged wrapper leaf with a double cap. CO 1st Third cigars provide sweet earthy notes with well balanced hints of pepper & a sweet creamy cocoa finish.

CO 2nd Third are hand rolled medium bodied premium Nicaraguan cigars that are blended with well aged Nicaraguan long-fillers & binders that is encased in a beautiful oily African Cameroon leaf wrapper with a double cap. CO 2nd Third cigars provide naturally sweet notes of creamy leather, zesty cedar wood aroma & hints of spice in a long smooth finish.

CO Final Third are hand crafted medium to full bodied premium Nicaraguan cigars that are blended using a proprietary blend of well aged long leaf fillers, binders and a fine oily dark chocolate leaf wrapper with a triple cap. The CO Final Third blend of some of the finest very well aged tobaccos creates a smooth naturally sweet deep earthy core packed with creamy notes of cocoa, pepper, coffee, caramel, wood with hints of vanilla in a long finish.

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